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The Garlando Pro Champion table football with extending rods is the official ITSF table football for the training of professional players and is approved for use in competitions of the International Football Federation, Pro Tour category.

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The Garlando Pro Champion table football with protruding rods, specially designed to meet the needs of tournament participants, Pro Champion features a modified playability, with a position of the goalkeeper more advanced in relation to the goal, which allows for 360 degree rotation and therefore a greater ease of scoring.

The MDF cabinet with melamine coating whose thickness of 2.5 centimeters provides excellent robustness.

The square metal legs with scratch-resistant silver paint. The considerable dimensions (9 x 9 cm) guarantee the necessary stability on the ground.

The adjustable feet for a perfectly level playing field.

The outgoing rods diameter mm. 16 in high torsion-resistant drawn steel with anti-rust chrome plating. The quality of the material used, together with the thickness of 2.2 millimetres, prevents the temples from bending, maintaining a perfect shape for a long time. This model is NOT available with retractable rods (safety telescopic).

The standard supplied rods protrude from the cabinet on the side opposite the knob.

Safety device for the rods (telescopic rods): upon request it is possible to supply the table football with telescopic safety rods to replace the outgoing ones. Made of the same material and with the same technical characteristics as the outgoing ones, they differ in their operation, which ensures the maximum level of safety.

The rods are fixed to the furniture using nylon bushings.

On the goalkeeper's rod there is a rubber spacer that keeps the little man within the range of action of the goal.

Single-colored figures in plastic material (moplen) representing a stylized human figure, fixed to the rods with direct molding: they do not move, they do not move, they maintain their position perfectly. Team colours: red and blue.

Plastic knobs with ergonomic grip.

The goalkeeper performs a complete rotation on himself.

The steel ball bearings inside the bushings significantly improve the smoothness of the shafts: it increases the speed, and therefore the pleasantness, of the game, while reducing the stress on the players' wrists.

The playing field is made of tempered glass (5 mm thick) with a grass green background and white lines that reproduce the stadium ground.

Insertion of balls onto the pitch via two outlets on the sides of the table football table .

The recovery of the balls in the goal, simple and immediate, occurs manually through an opening on one side of the table football with aluminum finish.

Cubed plastic scorecard , in colors coordinated with the little men.

Supplied with 10 white Standard model balls

This table football maintains an excellent quality/price ratio


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