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Beach volleyball balls

Whoever says beach volleyball says ball on the fly and without the ball the game cannot start. Whether you're about to start a beach tournament with friends or the match of your life, make sure you don't miss a good ball to play. There are different types on sale: the type of ball to be used varies according to the player's practice and, for official matches, the dimensions (specifically weight and measures) must be certified on the basis of the reference regulation. When choosing a ball, several aspects must be taken into consideration: the material with which it is made must give softness to the touch and at the same time be hard to ensure resistance on impact with the surface. Gana Sport takes care of beach volleyball lovers by selecting the best products: on our online shop, from the cheapest to the most expensive items, there is no shortage of balls from the most popular brands on the market. Buy your favorite ball among the many models and different colors available: free your energy and beat the net in one serve with Gana Sport's sporting articles!