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24 and 30 second indicators

The 24 and 30 second indicators available on our online shop complete the purchase of the electronic scoreboard. These indicators are usually installed in large gymnasiums or sports halls and, thanks to the sound system, every 24 and 30 seconds they emit a loud acoustic signal adjustable in duration and intensity and a red light. Time indicators differ from stopwatches in the sound they make, and their use is restricted to certain sports such as basketball and water polo. Discover the collection of indicators available on Gana Sport and buy the ones that best suit your gym. Gana Sport is an Italian company that has been involved in the production and distribution of high quality sports articles and accessories for years. Visit our online shop and proceed with the purchase of the 24 and 30 second electronic scoreboards. Combine them with the scoreboard available in various models in the dedicated section. Take advantage of affordable prices online.