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Kayaks and SUPs

Kayaking is an adrenaline-pumping outdoor sport that involves using a kayak to move across the water. Born of ancient origins as a means of hunting and transport for the Eskimos, the kayak differs from the canoe precisely because of its characteristics that allow it to cross the open sea. The canoe, in fact, was born to cross fresh water streams and lakes. Kayaking is fascinating: the kayak is conducted from sitting and kneeling and the movement is given by the thrust of the paddles. If you are a fan of this extraordinary sport full of adventure and you are looking for what you need to practice it in safety, Gana Sport can help you: our online shop offers many and varied sporting articles and there is no shortage of essential kayak products. In the online catalog you will find a wide range of kayak models for sale, practical and technical clothing, accessories and the ever-present paddles. Choose to practice the sport of your dreams in total peace of mind by purchasing the equipment suitable for kayaking on our site.