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Loadable barbells and dumbbells

To carry out fitness exercises, the use of specific tools is often required, which help to tone and improve certain parts of the body. For a complete workout, the use of loadable barbells and dumbbells is highly recommended. In fact, the possibility of increasing or decreasing the weight by adding plates and discs allows those who train to adjust the weight of the equipment to their needs and achieve a workout suitable for their body. Furthermore, opting to purchase modular barbells and dumbbells is an excellent choice both for home fitness exercises and for those who train in the gym. Among the advantages, the space-saving aspect certainly includes: once the workout is finished, both the barbells and the dumbbells can be easily disassembled from the weights to be stored. In particular, the use of barbells and dumbbells is strongly indicated for training the abdomen, arms and shoulders but also for strengthening the legs. Gana Sport allows its customers to always train with high-quality equipment ensuring success and high-performance activity: by visiting our online shop you can choose from the equipment you prefer at special prices. Choose the barbell or handlebar that best suits your needs and continue with the purchase of the discs to load it.