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The stopwatch, in English timer, is an indispensable accessory for sportsmen and also much loved in other areas because it allows you to keep time and set goals in a given period of time. Athletes use it to define and correct their pace in the case of marathon runners, to manage time in the case of the referee or personal trainer and to control the timing of actions in the case of the coach. They can't do without it and it helps to improve and perfect one's perfermance. For online sale, Gana Sport offers a wide range of digital stopwatches that support the main functions but also the more in-depth ones. You can choose from models that differ in style, reading mode, shape and screen size. To be more precise on the characteristics of the proposals, we invite you to read the technical data sheet of the products. Visit the online site and proceed with the purchase of the chronometer that's right for you; match it with your other sports electronics items. Three, two, one...go!