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Sports mattresses

Sports mattresses are important elements for setting up halls and gyms and for some sports they are really necessary for performance purposes. The different types of mattresses available adapt to the type of use that is made of them and, to satisfy everyone's requests, Gana Sport produces and selects the best sports mattresses. The models available on our site, in fact, are made with specific materials that guarantee safety and resistance. With a non-slip, smooth or normal bottom, the Gana Sport landing mattresses ensure a comfortable landing thanks to the particular material of the padding and covering. They are ideal for supporting the practice of gymnastics but also for creating customized fall areas. In fact, Gana Sport is a manufacturer of fall areas made to measure on the basis of customer needs: customization allows you to adapt the mattress in thickness and shape to particular walls. Also available mats and mats, foldable or not, to be used for yoga, pilates or fitness exercises. There is no shortage of modular and interlocking tatami kits online. Discover our collection of sporting goods and buy what you need for a quality workout.