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Golf fencing nets

Those who play golf know that it is important to understand where the available terrain begins and where it ends. Particularly in golf, where the playing fields are often very large and long, it is very important to demarcate the golf courses with fencing nets that establish the beginning and the end. Not only that, installing high and resistant fence networks allows you to divide the land between different playing fields and therefore allow players from different teams to play at the same time. The protective nets available on Gana Sport are made with materials suitable for long and continuous exposure to the sun and bad weather. In fact, the nets are resistant thanks to an accurate processing of the weaves and a reinforced finishing of the perimeter edges which avoids fraying. Visit our online shop and choose from the fencing nets available at super affordable prices. Different types that adapt to different sports: in fact, there are also fencing nets for soccer, beach tennis and the like.