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Swedish Wall Bar

The vast assortment of Swedish wall bars available on our online shop reflects the extensive experience that we at Gana Sport have in the sector: we are, in fact, among the few Italian manufacturers of this versatile piece of equipment. The Swedish wall bar is a tool used in schools but also for postural gymnastics, to correct scoliosis for example. Its versatility allows it to be used for stretching exercises, warm-ups, physical re-education and much more. Swedish wall bars are essentially wooden ladders fixed to the wall with an oval and ergonomic handle that allows you to use them without too many problems and for various exercises. On our online shop, the wall bars are distinguished both by size and by the different models: classic, DIN, Core Align. It is also possible to purchase the wall bars assembled or disassembled, assembled or in kit form. For a complete set-up, there is no shortage of training accessories on sale to be correlated to the backrest, such as the bench for the abdominals, the pull-up bar and the back support. Don't waste any more time, take advantage of our fantastic offers and buy the multifunctional exerciser.