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Like the most important companies in the sports sector, Gana Sport is also authorized to sell on the MePA platform (Electronic Market of Public Administration), the digital market that allows authorized administrations to purchase, for values lower than the community threshold, the goods and services offered from suppliers authorized to present their catalogs on the system.

The MePA platform is a great opportunity for institutions, not only for the discounted prices , but also for the time savings, for the transparency and traceability of the purchasing process, for the variety of products and for the possibility of finding answers to specific needs through requests for quotations , an alternative to direct purchase orders.

How does it work:

To purchase Gana Sport products on the MePA platform, administrations must first register on the Public Administration Purchasing Portal and enable it. Then they can begin to consult the products, searching for them by code or category, or by browsing the catalogue. As in any purchasing platform, the authorized body can save the products among the "favorites" or add them to the "cart" to proceed directly with the order. Before purchasing, you must digitally sign the order. In the case of requests for offers, when the administration is interested in the proposal, it can carry out the provisional award and - after digitally signing the assignment document - proceed with the definitive assignment and conclusion of the order.

Purchases on the MePA platform are easy, safe and convenient. Search for Gana Sport articles in the Public Administration digital market and take advantage of preferential sales conditions for your sports supplies!

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