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Gymnastic facilities

Each sport is identified and distinguished also by the type of accessories and facilities it requires. There are many and very particular gymnastic facilities for artistic and rhythmic gymnastics: the variety of training tools allows athletes to train every part of the body involved and perfect their fitness and performance. Gana Sport is a leading company in the production, selection and sale of facilities suitable for artistic gymnastics because it carefully takes care of the choice of materials and guarantees the safety of its products: to set up your artistic gymnastics hall, don't miss the extraordinary facilities available on our online shop. Of many types and for all needs, there is no shortage of necessary structures such as horizontal bars, a trampoline, balance beams, a leapfrog, ropes and a climbing frame of different heights, an elastic platform and much more. Furthermore, for a complete workout, there are many types of wall or ceiling traction systems. Don't waste any more time, take a look at our website and buy the quality of Italian manufacturing.