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Sit-in kayaks

Kayaking is a very dynamic summer sport that appeals to all those who love to touch the sea and feel comfortable in the waves. In particular, the sit in kayak is the model that is defined by the seat on top and the open deck. Its peculiarity lies in the shape that protects the kayaker from the wind and water inside the hull and is ideal for paddling in more inland, sheltered waters less exposed to the current. Gana Sport selects the best brands to offer its athletes the safest products: the kayaks available on our online shop are made with light materials that allow the kayaker precise maneuverability and reactivity, they do not hinder the speed of the vehicle and, thanks to their , give the right stability so as to allow professionals but also families to enjoy a fantastic adventure by the sea! Different sizes and colors available. Enrich your passion by purchasing all the right accessories and technical clothing to set off on an adventure!