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Sit-on-top kayaks

If you are a sea lover and have a burning spirit of adventure, you cannot help but practice the most adrenaline-pumping water sport ever! To tackle this sport in the best possible way, it is necessary to have the appropriate equipment that you can find for sale online in the Gana Sport shop, starting with the choice of kayak. First of all, kayaks are distinguished between sit on top kayaks and sit kayaks. In particular, sit on top kayaks are characterized by the elongated shape of the bow and stern and the open seat on the upper part of the hull, designed for the installation of a seat. The sit on top conformation provides greater freedom of movement to the kayaker and also a greater sense of safety because, in case of danger, there is less chance of getting stuck. The sit on top kayak models and all the related accessories that you find in our e-commerce are selected on the basis of the resistance and quality of the materials: choose the one that best suits you in the dimensions and colors that you like best and get ready for the summer adventure!