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The term indicates that motor activity which is practiced without necessarily a competitive purpose and which therefore involves a very high percentage of the population. The practice of fitness can take place both free-body and through the use of specific tools such as dumbbells and barbells, kettlebells and discs aimed at toning certain parts of the body. To ensure effective and safe preparation for all those who practice fitness in the gym, in the open air or at home, Gana Sport has designed a line of quality fitness equipment. On the online shop you can consult the catalog with hundreds of products for multiple disciplines and for different types of training, to be practiced both at an amateur and professional level, both individually and in groups. There is no shortage of body building equipment such as gloves and weight belts, tools for bodyweight training and for aerobic and weight-lifting activities. Gana Sport is also a point of reference for professional fitness equipment such as: treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, multifunction stations, weight benches, rowing machines and much more. Gana Sport fitness equipment is selected from among the best brands specialized in the sports segment, in order to ensure that anyone who uses them has high-level performance regardless of the objectives, whether they are competitive, therapeutic or aesthetic.