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Dressing room cabinets

Lockers for the changing room are essential elements for the custody and protection of all those objects that cannot be taken with you on the playing field and which, therefore, are left in the changing room. Made to better organize the space, the lockers are available in many different models that match the needs of the environment. Among the models available on Gana Sport you can choose between cabinets with more doors or with fewer shelves, in the dimensions you prefer and in the material you like best. In fact, you will find metal lockers but also wooden lockers: choose the right design to create a personalized and functional locker room for your athletes. We at Gana Sport guarantee you the best to set up your dressing room in a simple and clean way: you can combine the locker with the benches and other furnishing accessories that you find on sale in the dedicated sections and make the players feel at home in an environment homely and welcoming