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Paddles and accessories

If you are a kayaking enthusiast, you will surely know that paddles are essential accessories for maneuvering the kayak as well as the means of propulsion. Paddles are oars characterized by a single large blade but also by a double blade, which must be operated correctly to allow the oarsman clean movements and a fun and healthy rowing. The different models available in the section dedicated to the kayak and accessories shop in our online catalog are resistant and light so as not to weigh down the arms too much, made of different materials that allow the kayaker to maneuver the paddle with ease. The handle is usually made of aluminum because the material allows for a longer life and often the shape varies when they have ergonomic curvatures. By visiting our online shop you will realize the vastness of the offers and the convenience of our prices: buy the quality of Italian products by relying on Gana Sport!