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Basketball is a tough but at the same time very fascinating team sport. It's speed, precision, endurance. To allow athletes to express themselves in the best conditions of comfort and safety, Gana Sport has created a line of top quality basketball equipment . The line includes both a rich range of Gana Sport branded products, made by a network of professionals in the sector, and articles from some of the leading brands in basketball supplies. The Gana Sport basketball line offers accessories, sports outfits, systems, balls, electric scoreboards and scoreboards. In short, everything needed for the success of a competition that makes Ghana Sport an important point of reference for supplies to basketball teams. Sports clubs of all categories can count on personalized offers to purchase the equipment necessary to practice the discipline at 360 degrees, from training to competition. But our offer of basketball supplies is also aimed at amateurs, those who play basketball as a hobby, those who want to create a basketball corner to be able to train even at home. And again, in schools and gyms where this discipline is practiced. For more details on our products, do not hesitate to contact us!