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Corealign Swedish Wall Bar

The wall bars Corealign produced and signed by Gana Sport is a versatile tool that allows the training of the whole body. Its design has been specially studied to allow it to be used in combination with the Corealign carpet. Furthermore, the models made by Gana Sport are characterized on the market by the highest number of protruding pegs which allow even taller people to use them and exercise without major problems. Using the wall bars is an all-round workout: it's an excellent response to postural needs and also helps to compensate for muscle weakness in some parts of the body that are not well trained. The models on the online shop are among the best on sale because they are made with high quality Italian natural materials and carefully worked. The Corealign wall bars available on our online shop, thanks to their linear and clean design, ensure perfect performance and functional training aimed at improving professional and amateur sports performance. Visit our website and discover our offers at advantageous prices.