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Fixed weight barbells and dumbbells

The fixed weight barbells and dumbbells differ from the loadable ones due to the non-modular structure which provides for the fixed disc at a specific weight. There are different models and different weights on the Gana Sport online shop for all tastes. The available fixed weight barbells and dumbbells are suitable for both professional and home fitness use. The wide range of Gana Sport signed articles finds the common agreement in the high quality of the materials that allow the sportsman to train comfortably: the barbells and the dumbbells are characterized by an easy and safe grip through the ergonomic handle, in rubber or in steel. The coating is shock resistant and cushions the impact in the event of a fall, avoiding damage to the floor. For quality purchases, choose to train with Gana Sport by selecting the most suitable barbells and dumbbells for you on the online shop. Take advantage of the advantageous prices and organize your own personal sports corner.