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Athletics is a sport that characterizes man for the movements of running, jumping and throwing. Its origins date back to Ancient Greece and name that set of disciplines that arise both as individual and competitive sports: these disciplines are practiced on slopes, free body or using special tools and specific facilities. To ensure that the athlete can express himself and move at his best while avoiding or mitigating the risk, it is necessary that the choice, both of the clothing and of the tools and instruments related to the sport in question, focus on quality products and in compliance with all safety regulations. Gana Sport has always been committed to the production and sale of sports equipment that supports athletic performance. In particular, our line for athletics includes, in a vast online assortment, everything needed for the following disciplines: athletics/running, shot put, discus throwing, javelin throwing, hammer throwing, pole and high jump. Gana Sport is an essential point of reference for sports federations and private gyms for the purchase of adequate and state-of-the-art supplies, thanks to the guaranteed quality of the materials and manufacturing. Visit our online shop and discover the wide range of products!