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The creation of a playground for children involves the installation of many constructions that entertain and amuse the little ones. Among the main equipment, the swing cannot be missing, a typical garden toy which is based on a system of suspension in the air and which allows the child to rock back and forth, to swing by the push given with the legs. The swings available on our online shop are two-seat structures, usually used by the older ones, or single-seat structures, intended for the little ones. As a rule, the swing for the little ones is characterized by the cage seat which guarantees greater support and enhanced protection for the safety of the child. Gana Sport produces and sells a large variety of swings: the models vary in the number of stations, for large and small children, and in the addition of the ladder or/and slide and/or side net. The structures are made with wood and resistant materials suitable for outdoor environments. Visit our website and continue with the purchase of the most beautiful swing for creating the perfect playground!