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High jump

The high jump is the athletics discipline in which the athlete must jump and overcome a pole, positioned at different heights, without knocking it down or dropping it. The sport is characterized by the grace with which the athlete moves about to jump near the pole and requires adequate tools and clothing. Unlike pole vaulting, the athlete is not equipped with tools other than his body. The clothing must be practical and comfortable and the equipment suitable for the sporting activity: Gana Sport is committed daily in the production and selection of the best products and equipment to allow the athlete's success. Whether it's for a simple workout or for an important competition, the items we offer boast excellent quality and are indispensable for high jumping: on our online shop you can find mattresses for the landing area, the cover sheet, different models of pair of uprights, periscopic measuring devices, platforms for mattresses and there is no lack of examples of both elastic and fiberglass rods.