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License plates

The plaque is one of the objects, in addition to the medals and trophies, with which the winner of a race or event is traditionally honored. We at Gana Sport, who have been accompanying athletes in every phase of their career for decades, from training to the final, could not but think of an award ceremony worthy of the most heroic sporting feats. So we have conceived a line of plates for awards that can be adapted to competitions of any discipline and category. Our manufacturing art finds perfect expression in personalized plates. Hundreds of possible combinations, to meet the aesthetic taste and the need for every occasion, not necessarily sporting. You can choose between: aluminum plates with gold background and silver edge or silver background and edge, silver plated plates with silver edge and background; brass plates embellished with gold edge with greek etc. Gana Sport represents a guarantee for price award plates: in fact, we offer advantageous prices without penalizing the quality of materials and manufacturing. Each price includes the sublimation screen printing work, necessary to make the plate unique. For each order, our company makes its screen printing department available, therefore each creation bears the original Gana Sport brand. Optionally, it is possible to embellish the object with the velvet case as well as with the printing of the contents by engraving the metal, a noble and ancient technique that gives a further touch of elegance to the plate. Thanks to our professionalism and experience, we have become a point of reference for the sale of Salerno plates and for the online sale of plates. Discover our exclusive plaques now and increase the value of your event!