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Infirmary furniture

A very important space within a sports environment is the one dedicated to the infirmary . During training and matches it is very probable that players suffer injuries and in that case it is good to run for cover immediately. To equip a room for the infirmary, a few objects are enough which allow you to visit, cushion the blow and treat injuries, of course where possible and in non-urgent circumstances. The furnishings of the infirmary mainly consist of beds for medical examinations, desks, screens for the privacy of the patient being visited, metal chests of drawers for storing materials and footrest platforms. On our online shop you will find these elements and much more available for the furniture of the infirmary: Gana Sport products are carefully made with anti-rust, safe and resistant materials to guarantee its customers high quality products. Trust the professionals of the trades, purchasing the best proposals in the sports field at truly advantageous prices. Visit our online shop and create your own sports environment by personalizing it with benches, locker rooms and suitable infirmary furniture.