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Hammer throw

Hammer throwing is a discipline of athletics according to which the athlete must try to throw a metal sphere tied with a steel cable to a grip or handle as far as possible. If you are looking for high quality items, excellent materials and brands, you are in the right place. Our section of the online shop dedicated to the discipline of athletics offers a vast selection of the main products useful for hammer throw training and competitions: there are hammers from the economy and non-economy line, of different weights, with or without IAAF certified chain and models. There are also assortments of softer or softer hammers, ideal for starting to consolidate strength or perfect throwing techniques. Various accessory sports tools never secondary to the purchase such as the line for the hammer, handles and gloves to protect the hands from the power of the throw. There is no shortage of technical tools online such as the machine for winding the threads. Visit our shop and take advantage of the offers.