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Artistic and rhythmic gymnastics complement each other thanks to the use of specific sporting articles which give harmony to the movement of the body and sometimes support it in linearity and definition. In the Accessories section dedicated to artistic gymnastics in the Gana Sport online shop, there are many products on sale: more technical sports elements stand out, ideal for training the body in strength and balance such as for example the suspension kit or trx, the oscillating platform, the mat suitable both for training and for evaluating jumps and elevations, the colorful rubber medicine balls available in different weights, folding mats and fit balls for exercises. Also available useful elements for the gymnast's performance such as the colorful clubs, the ribbon to accompany the movement and give it the rhythm, the hoops in many colors, different types of sticks and the rhythmic ball. In short, nothing is missing: unleash your energy and continue with the purchase of everything you need to make you the best gymnast!