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Spring and balance games

Spring games are typical rides anchored to the ground by means of a spring that moves and allows the child to swing back and forth as soon as he sits down. The spring games do not take up much space and, in addition to the slides and swings, they enrich the playground thanks to the different multicolored shapes: they are made with materials suitable for use by the little ones, especially wood, painted with non-toxic substances and defined in soft shapes, with handles and footrests to prevent falling. A classic but never out of fashion game is the balance that allows two children to play with the balance of the two bodies on the rod, usually made of wood. On the Gana Sport online shop you can find many models of spring games and seesaws to complete the creation of the playground: of various colors and multiple shapes, the games enrich private gardens or public spaces and allow the little ones to have fun and stay on the move safely. Visit our website and select the most beautiful rides all Made in Italy: buy Italian quality and set up your dream playground!