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Boxing or boxing is an ancient combat sport that requires strength, speed and consistency in training. Whether you are a professional boxer or a simple enthusiast and you want to create the perfect training room at home or in your gym, you are in the right place: we select for you the articles of the sector from the best brands. Gana Sport offers on the online shop a vast and diversified assortment of specific combat sports equipment for boxing and martial arts together with an accurate and technical line of boxing/martial arts clothing. Our products are of the highest quality and made of safe and impact resistant materials, designed to last a long time and withstand even the toughest workouts. Many models of kick boxing gloves and various protections, bags, bags and technical combat garments are available online and in periodically renewed offers. The professional tools indispensable for training cannot be missing. Take advantage of our offers, create your combat area and get ready to enter the ring!