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Beach tennis facilities

Sports on the sand require particular attention for the choice of the facilities to be installed and the beach tennis structure is no different. Since tennis on the beach is one of the sports most exposed to bad weather, strong sun and salt air compared to others, it is important to choose sports products that are up to par, quality and resistant. We at Gana Sport are committed every day to always offer you the best: by visiting our online shop you will find a wide range of equipment, valid and indispensable tools for the construction of the playing field, made with materials that comply with current and verified standards. Ideal for installation without excavations, there is no shortage of ready-to-purchase kits complete with nets, slings, field marker lines and supports with poles of different sizes; safety guards and much, much more. Build your beach tennis facility at unbeatable prices and aim your racket as high as you can. Let the tournament begin!