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Beach volleyball facilities

Beach volleyball or volleyball on the beach requires special equipment for the construction of the playing field. Considering that the field is exposed to external bad weather, from sun to rain, it is important that the choice is made towards materials that are suitable for the external environment. Gana Sport's proposals are specially designed to ensure good and lasting success and allow sports lovers and professionals to play safely. To build a solid system, you need to use quality elements: on our online shop you can find many different kits, complete with the tools you are looking for, at affordable prices: posts, net, slings and pitch marker tapes. In addition to the pre-packaged kits, you will find many essential items for the system, such as, for example, the accident-prevention protection for the referee's platform or the padded protections or caps for the bushings. Don't waste any more time: take the measurements and the height, buy and install the system, build the field and... crush the ball!