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Badminton is the sport that consists in hitting a very light conical object, called a shuttlecock , with a racket making it go over the net and sending it to the opposite half of the court where it must be hit back by the opponent. It is a very fast discipline that requires agility, promptness and coordination. On our online shop we offer a wide selection of sports items and equipment useful for badminton: from shuttlecocks to rackets, there is no shortage of net models, steel systems and sets for setting up the net to complete the sports structure. The badminton racket should not be confused with the one used in tennis, from which it is distinguished by its greater lightness and elasticity. The examples of shuttlecocks on sale are distinguished by the material with which they were created: available on the shop shuttlecocks with cork or synthetic material heads, they can be equipped with natural or plastic feathers or a combination of natural and rubber feathers. Discover our equipment online by taking advantage of the discounts and seize the ball, or rather the shuttlecock, on the leap!