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Non-slip bottom mattresses

Gymnastics is more fun if the falls have a soft landing! Practicing some sports activities, as we know, involves accidental falls and, to prevent serious situations, it is necessary to have the right equipment. For this reason , non-slip bottom mattresses are the most suitable solution for exercising without fearing the worst. With the non-slip mattresses produced and distributed by Gana Sport, training is always a pleasure. Made and covered with the best materials, the non-slip mattresses by Gana Sport are complete with a non-slip bottom which improves the ability to adhere to the ground and the friction force with the surface so that the athlete always feels safe in every movement. In fact, the importance of the non-slip bottom lies precisely in preventing the mattress from moving in response to any impact. To better meet everyone's needs, we at Gana allow you to create the fall mattress according to your needs, in the dimensions and thickness you want. Visit our website and contact us for more information.