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Artistic and rhythmic gymnastics

Gymnastics is one of the oldest sports and consists of sequences of movements that can be practiced with the body free or with the help of a series of tools and equipment. The Gana Sport company offers a complete line of accessories for gymnastics and gymnastic systems which it designs and manufactures, or which it selects from other leading manufacturers in the sector. The products are made with quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing, to allow every gymnast to express themselves in ideal conditions. There is a rich variety of accessories: medicine balls, wooden sticks, folding mats, clubs and many others. There is also a specific section dedicated to rhythmic gymnastics and dance, which includes accessories such as ribbons, hoops and colored sticks, but also furnishing items such as tool cabinets. Our supplies include a rich assortment of gymnastic systems, such as trampolines, Swedish squares, parallel bars, horses, etc. Gana Sport is also a point of reference for the sale of gymnastics clothing, designed specifically for those who practice a discipline that requires, among other skills, strength, elasticity and lightness. Thanks to its quality and variety, our offer is able to adequately respond to the needs of both professional gymnasts and simple amateurs. Gana Sport gymnastics supplies are the ideal solution for gyms and sports centres, which can take advantage of special promotions. Visit our product gallery now and request a personalized quote!