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Discus throw

Discus throwing is the discipline of track and field athletics marked by the movement of the athlete to throw a discus as far as possible from a shooting platform. Sport of very ancient origins, it is represented by a sculpture first in bronze and then in marble, the Discobolus, which testifies to the ideal position for throwing. In addition to the physical and mental preparation of the athlete, an important role is played by the discs: real protagonists of the scene and able to fascinate the spectators for the way they pierce the air, they are available on our online store in many variations. Each disc differs in the handle, the composition material, the weight and the model: the wide range of discs for sale that we offer reflects everyone's needs at affordable prices for everyone. There is no shortage of accessories and necessary equipment related to the athletics discipline, such as, for example, the platform for throwing. Choose the competence and reliability of Gana Sport: visit the site and discover the convenience of our assortments.