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Screen printing and digital printing

To make the sports items available on our online shop unique and original, we at Gana Sport offer you a guaranteed customization service, thanks to the internal screen printing and digital printing department. Whether you want to customize the football kit or the basketball shirt or even the object for the award ceremony including trophies, medals and plates, Gana Sport has the solution ready for you. The birth and consolidation of an internal department that deals with digital printing and screen printing allows us to satisfy the customer's needs by responding to his needs in a short time. The application of the logo, number or name imprints the identifying element on the sports item which allows the individual or the entire team to recognize and be recognised, both on and off the pitch. Visit our online shop and select the sports-related items and accessories that best suit your needs: don't miss the opportunity to make your purchases as personal as possible. Take advantage of our fast, accurate and affordable screen printing and digital printing service. Contact us for more information.