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Boxing bags

The punching bag , together with the gloves, is the essential tool that allows the athlete to practice the sport of boxing. Gana Sport, a specialized company, produces punching bags with classic models and with all the characteristics of a professional bag. The covering is made of tear-resistant polymer fiber treated with a glossy finish, which guarantees its resistance and tightness; the seams, reinforced and heat-sealed, have a double sealing system which supports its sturdiness. Its dimensions, which include a circumference of 110 cm for a height of 1 meter, allow the impact of the blows and their absorption by the athlete in the most comfortable way, allowing hours of training without risk. To guarantee maximum stability of the bag, there are four spaces suitable for the hooks. A chromed steel eyelet and a chain are firmly fixed to each seam which flow into a single carabiner to be hooked to the supporting structure or to one of our shock absorbing hooks. The Gana Sport bags can be silk-screen printed and therefore customizable with a logo or writing, plus they are delivered empty to allow each athlete to fill them according to their weight and hardness to their liking. Discover the colors available on our online shop and buy the bag at unbeatable prices!