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Kayak clothing

Kayaking is a water sport which, like all other sports, requires specific clothing . Gana Sport takes care of its customers by providing a wide range of technical models suitable for water sports: it is essential to take into consideration that practicing kayaking means being in the water and at the same time being completely exposed to the climatic conditions of the environment. For this reason, the line of clothing for sale on the site is characterized by the strong resistance of the materials, for the best thermal insulation, maximum comfort and softness in contact with the skin which allow the canonist to live the experience in full movement and freedom. The items of clothing necessary for sport are available online, such as the wetsuit and short, medium and long length pants made of neoprene, in different sizes and different models. Discover the collection on our e-commerce and buy the items on offer: perfect your outfit by adding the canoe-kayak and paddle that best reflect you to your cart.