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Sports flooring

To preserve the well-being of the sportsman and allow for the success of the match, it is important that the flooring of the playing space complies with the rules and supports the movements of the players. For this reason, each sport corresponds to a suitable type of sports flooring . Gana Sport offers a varied range on the online shop to meet everyone's needs, from PVC, rubber to resin flooring. Each type of floor is distinguished by the technical characteristics of rebound, absorption, friction and resistance and by the quality which strongly affects the player's performance . Relying on Gana Sport means choosing the quality and high functionality of sporting goods. The company is, in fact, a point of reference for sports clubs that intend to set up the playing field and gyms in the best possible way and for individuals who want to dedicate a corner of their home to sport. Visit our website and buy everything you need to train.