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Home line billiards

Selected from the best brands, the models of billiards for the home line on our online shop are the ideal solution for those who like to play carambola or other table games in complete tranquillity, without the pressure and encouragement of others. With a heavy and massive structure, the home billiard is noted not only as an entertainment plan but also as a symbol of extraordinary style for home furnishings. For this reason, if you are a billiard enthusiast, buying the right home model is really important: by visiting our online site you can find different items that are characterized by design, style and color. The models on sale are the solution both for those with refined tastes and for lovers of the essential: you just have to choose your favourite! Furthermore, to improve the tightness of the playing surface and protect it when the billiard is not in use, it is possible to complete the purchase with the cover plan. Trust Gana Sport, take advantage of the unmissable offers and you'll hit the hole!