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The blue Garlando F-10 table football with protruding rods offers stability and sturdiness and high construction capacity. Suitable for amateur play.

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The Garlando F-10 table football with extending rods is designed for the enjoyment of the whole family, but especially suitable for adults as it is not available with telescopic safety rods. It offers stability, robustness and high build quality.

The blue melamine-coated MDF cabinet has a thickness of 16 mm. The MDF legs are 30 mm thick with melamine coating, inclined for perfect stability.

The playing field is made of plastic laminate with inclined corners. The white lines silk-screened on a green background reproduce the stadium ground.

The outgoing rods are 13 mm in diameter in solid iron. The ends of the rods are covered by plastic protections for greater safety.

Equipped with multicolored men with goalkeepers who perform a complete turn on themselves, making it easier to score goals.

Simple and immediate recovery of balls in the goal from two ball catchers placed behind the goals.

Supplied with 10 white Standard model balls.

This table football maintains an excellent quality/price ratio


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