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The Garlando table football covered with protruding rods has the playing area completely sealed by an upper glass which reduces the noise of the games, but above all prevents theft of balls and interference during the game, thus safeguarding the takings.

Enriched with all the most sophisticated details that can be found on a table football table, such as the anti-reflective sandblasted glass playing field, the non-slip knobs with wooden inserts and much more.

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The Garlando table football covered with protruding rods has the playing area completely sealed by an upper glass which reduces the noise of the games, but above all prevents theft of balls and interference during the game, thus safeguarding the takings.

The cabinet is built in multilayer plywood and covered in plastic laminate. The robustness of the materials used and the thickness of 3 cm which reaches 3.6 cm in the central band make the structure extremely resistant. Color: briar upper and lower band, black central band.

The structure of the furniture is assembled by means of a system of metal hinges secured by screws and bolts, without the use of glues which would make it difficult to replace parts.

The legs are made of beech wood with washable plastic paint with a textured effect. The considerable thickness of 5 cm guarantees perfect stability on the ground.

The rods, with diameter mm. 16, are made of drawn steel with high resistance to torsion with anti-rust chrome plating. The quality of the material used, together with the thickness of 2.2 millimetres, prevents the temples from bending, maintaining a perfect shape for a long time.

Safety device for the rods (telescopic rods): upon request it is possible to supply the table football with telescopic safety rods to replace the outgoing ones. Made of the same material and with the same technical characteristics as the outgoing ones, they differ in their operation, which ensures the maximum level of safety.

In telescopic rods, a smaller diameter rod slides inside the rod with the players, the end of which reenters the furniture without coming out, thus avoiding the risk of hitting children's faces and eyes.

The rods are fixed to the furniture by means of nylon flanges containing a ball bearing.

Single-colored figures in plastic material (moplen) representing a stylized human figure, fixed to the rods with direct molding: they do not move, they do not move, they maintain their position perfectly. Team colours: red / blue.

The rust-proof stainless steel ball bearings inside the bushings significantly improve the smoothness of the shafts: it increases the speed, and therefore the pleasantness, of the game, while reducing the stress on the players' wrists.

Plastic knobs with wooden inserts that limit hand sweating and allow for a more pleasant and secure grip.

The playing field is made of tempered glass with opaque sandblasting, which eliminates any reflections due to the glass covering. The background is grass green with white lines that reproduce the stadium ground.

The playing area is completely covered by a tempered upper glass which muffles the noise of the game and makes any tampering during the game impossible, at the same time preventing the possibility of the ball escaping from the playing area.

The introduction of the balls into the field occurs manually by means of an elevator placed on the side of the cabinet next to the coin acceptor. The system is not accessible from the outside, to prevent the balls from being stolen.

The outside of the goals is covered in aluzinc, a very robust aluminum and zinc alloy that prevents the formation of dents even after numerous matches. The internal mechanism for sliding the balls is made up of individually replaceable metal elements.

Upon request, it is possible to install a lighting system for the playing field using two LED lamps placed above the two goals. The Garlando system complies with EU regulations on Electromagnetic Compatibility and Safety (low voltage).

Furthermore, it is possible to open the cabinet to access its interior. The upper part of the table football lifts effortlessly and absolutely safely thanks to two gas springs, which also support the upper part of the table football when it is raised, allowing the necessary operations to be carried out in complete safety.

With the cabinet open, the playing field can be separated from the upper part of the cabinet by opening two latches, to facilitate cleaning and the possible replacement of parts.

Abacus scoreboard , with cubes in colors coordinated with the little men.

The drink holders (on both sides of the cabinet) for storing glasses, bottles and cans complete the range of accessories of this model.

Coperto is equipped as standard with a mechanical pull coin acceptor, adjustable for any type of coin or token, which releases all the balls at the same time.

The following mechanical coin acceptor options are available upon request: coin acceptor with match counter, coin acceptor with protected match counter, coin acceptor with protected match counter and ejector.

In addition to the various types of mechanical coin validator, Coperto can be equipped with an electromechanical system, which offers greater possibilities for setting the coin validator.

Covered can also be supplied with the coin mechanism disabled to play for free.

For maximum programming versatility of the coin mechanism, the table football table can be equipped with the GARL 2001 electronic system, which allows you to accept coins of various sizes, calculate credits, offer bonuses and much more.

Supplied with 10 white Standard model orange balls.

This table football maintains an excellent quality/price ratio


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