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Customized Sport Mattress

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Gana Sport produces sports mattresses and fall areas with an high no-slip capacity, perfectly adaptable to any type of space at home or in the gym.

Sports mattresses: discover our solutions for home and gym

Gana Sport produces a wide range of sports mattresses, which provide diversified and tailor-made solutions for setting up the room or gym. Our mattresses are suitable for any type of context and sporting activity: gymnastics, athletics, circus activities, etc.

Tailor made falling area

Gana Sport creates falling mattresses adapting them to the shape and size of your rooms. We provide various types of solutions, such as fall areas for sport climbing and bouldering; modular and interlocking tatami kits; mats, foldable or not, for yoga, pilates or fitness exercises; accident prevention crash-mat, mattresses for pole dancing and Chinese pole; sports mattresses with standard bottom covers and no-slip bottom, smooth or normal, with a special embossed fabric in the lower part of the carpet which helps prevent risks during landing. Our assortment for gymnastics at home or in the gym guarantees a comfortable landing and excellent protection for small falls: thanks to the reliability and resistance of the padding and covering materials, we provide the ideal support for trying throws or somersaults in absolute safety.

Falling mattresses: buy them in our e-commerce

From today purchasing Gana Sport gymnastics mattresses is easier: in the new e-shop you will find our entire selection of sports mattresses. All sports mattresses available in e-commerce are produced directly by Gana Sport. Among our main clients: Army sports group; Carabinieri sports group; Aeronautics sports group; Navy; FIDAL (Italian Athletics Federation); CUS (University Sports Committee).

Sports mattresses: ask for a personalized quote

Depending on your needs, you can ask for a quote for falling areas and mattresses: the products are customizable, in thickness and shape, based on the specific characteristics of homes and gyms, even by adding the logo of your business. Send us your requests: we will reply as soon as possible.


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